In the rural setting of Montgomery County, PA, homeowners are proud and live a quiet, unassuming life. Montgomery County is sought after in the Greater Philadelphia area as a great place to live and raise a family because of the great schools and minor crime. 

While most homeowners near me do realize the importance of seasonal preventive maintenance for HVAC and have regular inspections and repairs done, chimneys often are not foremost in their minds. 

Chimneys are outside of a property but are crucial to preventing fires and also ensuring that a total HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is working properly. 

Any HVAC upkeep or repair should include an evaluation of a chimney, as any cracks or buildup can cause serious issues. Byproduct gases are produced by any form of combustion, and these gases can be harmful and dangerous. 

A draft is formed by a chimney pulling the gases out of the home and back into the air. Poor draft problems cause backdraft, with the harmful gasses and smoke being released back into a home. Energy efficiency is also increased with a clean, debris-free chimney.

HVAC Gurus has served Montgomery County, PA, for decades and ensures that chimneys are in proper working condition. To ensure that chimneys stay clean, chimney liners are many times in need of repair or replacement. These liners have the purpose of preventing dirt, grime, and any other types of buildup throughout the HVAC heating repair season. 

Corrosion of chimneys can occur without good liners installed, and this can severely damage a chimney. Replacement of a chimney is much more costly than the replacement of a chimney liner, and HVAC Gurus inspect the liners thoroughly. 

close up of a home fireplace for cold days

How Important is a Chimney Liner in Preventive Seasonal Maintenance? 

Homeowners just accept the fact that chimney liners exist and can make assumptions about these. The reality is that these do not usually last a lifetime, and depending upon the size of a home and the HVAC units used, replacement regularly ensures safety and health. 

Some facts about chimney liners are as follows: 

  • Chimney liner lifespans differ

There is no real answer as to how long a chimney liner will last. However, rough estimates abound, with the average lifespan of a liner being 15 to 20 years, with some lasting 50. It depends on regular inspections and the usage and type of HVAC units inside a home. 

Mother nature can also cause problems when dirt and debris build up after a storm or even when hot weather or extreme cold can cause damage. 

  • Chimney liner materials differ.

When chimney liners are pictured in many homeowners’ minds, the picture is about some sort of permeable material such as aluminum, etc. This is not the case at all. Although many different liners exist, the materials used can be clay, metal, or “cast in place” materials. 

A determination by a certified HVAC repair and maintenance professional must occur to determine the type of liner used, the maintenance schedule, and to replace or repair a chimney liner. HVAC Gurus service the Montgomery County area with pride and can make suggestions on types of liners and, if needed, repair or replacement. 

A thorough yearly inspection during the winter is warranted, not only for the prevention of carbon monoxide and other gasses backflowing into a home but also for the prevention of embers backflowing. Ember backflow is a serious fire hazard. 

  • Chimney liner sizes differ.

This needs mentioning as the exactness of the width and length of a chimney, as well as depth and position on the outside of the home, factors into how many times a liner needs replacing. Severely sloped homes can have a chimney that tips eventually away from the home. 

This usually has to do with settling, but an inspection of the chimney and the liner needs to be done ASAP when this is noticed by a homeowner. The fit must be snug. 

Summary–Preventive Seasonal Heating Maintenance in Montgomery County, PA—Chimney Facts/Liners

While all facets of HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance are provided by HVAC Gurus, these seasoned, licensed, and insured technicians will indeed check the entire chimney and the liner. 

With financing options and 24/7 emergency services, contacting HVAC Gurus should be done ASAP, especially if any smoke or air quality issues become apparent in a home. That can signify a horrible chimney liner problem and can be very dangerous.

Just fill out the form on the website or call for immediate assistance. 1-800-564-0103. 

Have a safe and joyous winter holiday season by ensuring HVAC seasonal maintenance is done!