Maintaining Temperatures with an HVAC System in Montgomery County, PA 

Montgomery County, like all of PA, does see drastic increases in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) during the winter. Although air conditioning is used, of course, in warmer weather, the HVAC units in January and the following months do work “overtime. “ 

While many units do a fairly good job of heating a home or property well, some major repairs may be needed that did not show up during the summer months when usage was lower. This is when HVAC Gurus should step in and at least provide a free evaluation of any HVAC system. 

Though major problems, of course, are of utmost concern, what most homeowners find is that their homes have hot and cold spots. The temperature variations can be quite enormous, and getting too warm in one room and then feeling your teeth actually chatter in another is one of the reasons many individuals call an HVAC specialist like HVAC Gurus.

Primary Reasons for Temperature Variations in Homes in Montgomery County

Most homes that have hot and cold spots are due to the following and are easily remedied. Minor problems can be the culprits, and inspections should first look at the easiest and most affordable solution. 

  • Blocked vents 

Every central HVAC unit has ducts, and these deliver hot or cold air into the home after it is warmed or cooled by coils. Blocked vents do not allow air to flow properly, and an inspection will first look at these. 

Vents can be blocked by anything from dirt to leaves to snow when they are outside. Indoor vents, which are either on the floor of a home or the ceiling, pull all the dust into them and have an entire tunnel within them, which must be cleaned.

Outdoor vented units can also suffer from snow and ice blockage. In addition, a big mistake made by homeowners is to cover an outdoor unit to prevent snow and ice buildup. This only makes the buildup turn into moisture trapped inside a vent.  

  • Dirty air filters

Although a supply of these should be kept on hand, homeowners do forget about the filters. Dust and grime are pulled through the filters and impact how well an entire home is heated or cooled evenly. 

Changing the air filters at least once a month is what HVAC Gurus suggest at the very least, especially in the winter months. 

  • Faulty ductwork design 

The ductwork design must be properly done, or it will restrict the airflow as well. Poor design can include undersized ducts, oversized ducts, and poor layout. This is a velocity issue. Velocity is important to “push” the air through the ducts at a proper rate of speed. Too long ductwork leads to a path of travel that decreases velocity.  

  • Wrong sized units

This is very common. Choosing too small an HVAC unit means that the unit will not have the capacity to warm or cool sufficiently or maintain temperatures throughout a home. Too large units will keep a home too warm and are obviously a source of wasted money on energy costs.  

  • Poor insulation

While this applies to an entire home, an HVAC unit can be insulated. Indeed, a hot water heater can also be insulated. Many times, this is not known and not done, but keeping units warm decreases energy costs and does end up providing a better steady temperature throughout a home.  

  • Thermostatic problems

Easily overlooked, thermostats can be a culprit in HVAC temperature regulation. Although manual ones now do exist, and a simple battery change will help, digitally programmed ones have problems that can be detected by HVAC Gurus. Sometimes, changing out the thermostat leads to the correction of temperature problems. 

Programmable and “Smart Thermostats” are the rage now and can cause savings in energy costs and more even temperatures, as these “remember” the temperature preferences of a home. Some homes have one in each room, which is even better for even-temperature maintenance. 

Conclusion– Maintaining Temperatures with an HVAC System in Montgomery County, PA 

There is really no way to have a perfect temperature in every room of a home in the winter in Montgomery County, PA. However, it is possible to get as close as possible to a great indoor stable temperature by using HVAC Gurus to come in and do a free evaluation

Emergency service is available; just fill out the form on the website or call 1-800-564-0103.

No need to shiver this winter when the “Gurus of HVAC” is near you and ready and willing to assist at a moment’s notice! 

Decades of experience and the finest of customer service are only a click or phone call away, and find out how enjoyable a steady indoor temperature can be during the winter months!