Winter HVAC Maintenance and Repair is Necessary in Montgomery County, PA

The cold has set in earlier this year throughout PA, including in Montgomery County. Although there are still bursts of a bit of warmth, compared to 2022, since October of 2023, the temperatures have dropped. Montgomery County has an average temperature of 38 degrees F in December, January, and February but coastal changes are predicted to make it even colder this year and in 2024.

Montgomery County is a bedroom community with high property values and the friendly feel of a small town.  The homeowners are proud and maintenance of all home parts is sought.

Most homeowners plan for the winter months and schedule an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) evaluation in the fall and early winter. Repairs that might have been put off during the summer needed in an HVAC system now jump into homeowners’ minds.

At the top of most homeowners’ minds are HVAC Gurus. This top-of-the-line and years of experience HVAC service has been well-known in Montgomery County for decades, and much of the business comes from the “word of mouth” of this smaller community.

The praise is well deserved obviously and these “Gurus” are located “near me” and service the Greater Philadelphia area.

Components of Winter HVAC Maintenance and Repair in Montgomery County

While some homeowners know they need certain repairs many do not. Therefore a complete evaluation of each HVAC system should be done at least once yearly. Many individuals have their systems cleaned and inspected in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, as preventive measures do in the end save money over more costly repairs.

A small problem is easier to fix naturally than a major shutdown disaster, especially in the “dead of winter.” Below are the major components of a good winter maintenance plan and inspection.

  • Furnaces

There is no way to survive without heat for a long time in the winter in Montgomery County. HVAC Gurus can service and evaluate all makes and models of furnaces. With decades of experience, the licensed and insured technicians are prompt and thorough. There are also emergency repair services in case something dreadful happens.

  • Hot water boilers

Next to furnaces, hot water boiler maintenance and repair do take precedence. Hot water is a necessity for cooking, bathing, and even sanitation. Water that is cold, or lukewarm signals a problem.

At the other extreme, water that is too hot wastes energy and runs up the electrical usage and does cost money. Getting a water heater/boiler set to the exact correct temperature pays off in savings and healthy living for a homeowner.

  • Heat pumps

These essentially push the hot or cold air through a combination HVAC unit. Powered by electricity these are becoming a viable alternative now to the traditional boilers or furnaces. The downside is that you still need to have a hot water boiler. However, these can save energy and are considered somewhat more environmentally friendly.

These types of cooling heating were once limited in scope to moderate climates but the advances in technology now have led them to be used with success in more cold climates.

  • Ducts

No matter what type of HVAC units or combinations homeowners use, a build-up of grime, dust, and dirt in the duct systems creates an unhealthy environment, and has to be cleaned regularly. A good HVAC company like HVAC Gurus will do a thorough cleaning using professional equipment that most homeowners do not have access to.

The entire length of a duct must be cleaned out not just the front or a small portion. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), regularly cleaned ducts assist in HVAC performance, control temperatures better in a home, and also improve air quality significantly.

Summary–Winter HVAC Maintenance and Repair is Necessary in Montgomery County

There is no reason to suffer a total breakdown of any HVAC unit in Montgomery County not when the HVAC Gurus are near.  But if and when a complete breakdown occurs, the HVAC Gurus do have 24/7 emergency services and they will arrive quickly! With deep ties to the Montgomery County area, this decades-old company cares.

A free estimate is included, and a contact form, plus a phone number makes ordering services quick and efficient. Family-owned and operated, this company has served Montgomery, PA, and the Greater Philadelphia area for decades.

Call 1-800-564-0103 and stay problem-free from the cold this winter and any problems with any type of HVAC unit.

Keep the chill out of your home at affordable prices!