HVAC Hot Water Heaters Installation and Repair in Montgomery County, PA 

While it is important to maintain all HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) units, especially in the winter, hot water heaters can be forgotten. Hot water is necessary for both comfort and sanitation, of course. 

Unfortunately, like all other HVAC units, water heaters can become overused in the winter, as most individuals will turn up the temperature on these during cold weather. No one enjoys a tepid shower or bath. Sanitation requires hot water, especially in the winter when cold and flu season arrives. 

Water heaters come in several different makes and models and have different functionalities. HVAC Gurus of Montgomery County, PA, specializes in all the current models and is licensed and insured. Repair of all types of water heaters is available as well, and this can save time and money. 

The usual models are Natural Draft Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Gas Water Heaters, and Power Vent Water Heaters. Each type has its own pros and cons and depends on the needs and usage involved by a property owner. 

Prices vary on the type of HVAC water heaters and the repair of water heaters, depending upon type and, of course, size, plus the problem that is found if there is one. There are even hybrid types entering the market, which now use a combination of solar power plus electricity or gas. 

HVAC hot water heaters usually last about ten to fifteen years, given proper installation and maintenance. While these are sold in stores, they are large, difficult to install, and can be dangerous if improperly repaired or installed. 

According to the National Fire Safety Association (NFSA), water heaters can and do explode, usually due to improper installation or because of irregular maintenance and, of course, pressure build-up. 

When to Call an HVAC Repair Service for a Water Heater 

  •    Age of water heater

Although regular maintenance and evaluation should be done by HVAC Gurus, if a unit is over five years old, it is definitely time to have the water heater checked. Small problems, like every other functioning portion of HVAC, are easier to fix than larger ones. Replacing a unit is much more expensive than a simple repair. 

  •    The smell emanating from the water heater

This has been described as a rotten egg smell by some individuals whose water heaters eventually failed. This means there are bacteria in the tank or the anode rod is deteriorating. The smell can usually emanate into adjacent rooms. 

Deterioration of an anode rod is very serious, and these should be replaced every three to five years. Made out of galvanized material, these rods keep the corrosive elements away from the inside of a water heater and run the length of it. The water quality will determine how many times these should be replacedBacteria and corrosive elements do have an odor, and in the case of gas water heaters, the possibility of explosion increases. 

  •    Clunking, hissing, or clanging noises

A well-functioning water heater is practically noiseless. There can be many reasons for noises, such as a worn valve, a hole in the tubing, or even loose anode rods. It is best to check out the source of any noise immediately and have it done professionally. 

  •    Leakage drips or puddles around a water heater

HVAC water heaters do not leak if they are in good condition and maintained properly. Leaking water heaters can also show rust spots on the outside, and this generally means that a full replacement is in order, as the tank on the outside holds the entire apparatus together

  •    Fluctuation of water temperatures 

Suppose water goes from hot to tepid or downright cold while in use; then an evaluation/inspection of a water heater is needed by HVAC Gurus. This can be the first sign of an impending problem. 

  •    Lower water pressure

This is another easy-to-overlook impending problem with a water heater. Water pressure should be steady at all times. 

Conclusion– HVAC Hot Water Heaters Installation and Repair in Montgomery County, PA 

HVAC repairs and installation plus evaluations should always include water heaters. These are crucial components and do not last as long as furnaces, boilers, or other HVAC heating units. 

There is a vast array of choices in water heaters and a vast array of ways to install them. These are difficult to repair and install, though, and a professional such as an HVAC guru should be called for a free evaluation at least when problems arise, as bad installation, as mentioned above, can be very dangerous. 

A phone number exists for quick response: 1-800-564-0103. Enjoy peace of mind with your water heater repair and replacement!